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Honey is known for its many health benefits: it has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, it’s packed with nutrients and antioxidants and it’s a good remedy for that sore throat. Besides being good for you, it’s good for the bacteria in your tummy too, promoting bowel health.

Natural, Pure and Raw Honey. They’re all different. Confusing right? The term natural for any food including honey, means that it does not have any added color, flavor or preservative. Pure honey means that there are no additional ingredients such as sugar or corn syrup.

Now, raw honey. What makes honey ‘raw’? The main difference between raw honey and regular honey is in the way it is processed. Raw honey is taken out from the beehive, strained and poured directly into the bottle. That is to say, it does not go through any of the commercial processing methods. Regular honey however, undergoes pasteurization i.e. the honey is treated with heat to make it smoother, more transparent and more liquid in form. It also undergoes filtration. Honey has an enzyme called glucose oxidase which gives honey its anti-fungal anti-microbial properties. Unfortunately, if you want to be sure you get the most benefits from honey, the honey Le Organica provides is the best for you! The honey we provide is natural, it is pure and it is raw. So go ahead and grab that packet!

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