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Handmade Soap Versus Store bought Soap

The first and foremost reason as to why you should opt for Le Organica’s handmade soap is because of two words: Natural ingredients. The soap we make is free from all those chemicals you see in the ingredients list of most store bought soap. Seriously, does anyone even know what those chemicals in the soap are for? Most people don’t. Most people don’t know what kind of soap they’re using for their skin and most don’t know that, that same soap you have in your bathroom may be the cause of all those skin problems you might be facing. That is why it is so important to opt for gentler, skin caring soaps like the ones we offer.

Le Organica’s soaps are made from ingredients like coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, olive oil and other essential oils. That is to say, it is 100% vegetarian. The ingredients we use are packed with antioxidants and vitamins. We never use animal fat in our products. Moreover, our soap has little fragrance because we never add any. It is a fact that the heavier the fragrance is, it implies that the product is loaded with chemicals. For example, the store bought shampoo we use. Sure, it makes us smell really lovely and fresh, but if you’d spare a minute to read the ingredients in the back, you’d realize it smells so good because it’s loaded with chemicals.

Natural soap is so skin loving, it helps treat dryness, itchiness, and acne. One of the other bonuses of getting handmade soap is that there is no harm. You can be sure that there was no harm done to humans or communities that the workers are not working in sweatshops in bad working conditions. Moreover, habitats were not laid to waste because of a local soap maker. Most of all, there was no animal testing. It is economically viable, because it creates local employment. I’m sure all these reasons will make you opt for our natural soap.

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