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Our establishments' name is Le Organica -Nature’s Bounty. As one could have already guessed from the name, we deal with the best products that nature has to offer us. Our name carries with it an obligation to the society in which we have taken root in; an obligation to give back. We support beekeeping and all-natural and healthy products. While also helping the local farmer grow, our beekeeping promotes cross-pollination and it is important to know that bees are essential to holding up entire ecosystems. Understanding this significance to society as well as the environment is why we have come into the beekeeping business.

Apart from beekeeping, we have talked about how we help the local farmer. We do so by bridging the gap between the farmer and customers. Farmers, through Le Organica, get to sell their honey and turmeric in the market at reasonable prices. In our Meghalayan region, farmers produce does not have a platform in the market; it was difficult for the average farmer to have his produce sold. Farmers have a hard time getting recognition and there is no support for their small businesses. However, although our contribution is still small, we have helped certain regions and people by providing a means of livelihood to them. We are still pushing to make this contribution bigger and better as time goes by.


We promote indigenous produce thereby, supporting the agricultural sector which is the livelihood of more than half the population of this humble region in which we are based. We provide employment to the local farmers encouraging their small businesses and securing their means of living. We recognize the hard work of the farmers, we know how hard it is to get the product from the soil into the consumer's hands. Moreover, we provide youth employment training them with business experience. At Le Organica, we are all about a natural lifestyle.

Quality is of utmost importance to us because it is obvious that low-quality products cannot help in promoting a healthy lifestyle, which is one of our basic aims. When you come into a transaction with us, you can be assured that you will not be duped into buying a low-quality product that isn’t anything as what is described on the packet. That’s what makes us stand out from the rest. Our aim is not profits, its customer satisfaction. Being a small business that has only recently started taking proper root into the business world, the happiness of the client is of the utmost importance to us.

Le Organica are Manufacturer's of Natural Food & Wellness, our Produce is Grown & Handmade by our Farmers & Beekeepers from the Hills of Meghalaya.

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